VMBO 2014 Berlin, Germany March 3-4, 2014

           The 8th International Workshop on Value Modeling and Business Ontology
            With a special track on the Pragmatic Web


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     Accepted Papers

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Accepted Papers

Full papers
1. Julia Uvarina. Business model for a service oriented company ( based on veterinary business)
2. Frantisek Hunka and Jaroslav Zacek. Information Entity Modeling in REA Framework
3. Johannes Buder and Carsten Felden. Structuring Regulatory Applications with Business Modeling
4. Dieter Mayrhofer, Alexandra Mazak, Bernhard Wally, Christian Huemer and Peter Regatschnig. REAlist: Towards a Business Model Adapting Multi-Tenant ERP System in the Cloud
5. Bernhard Wally, Alexandra Mazak and Christian Huemer. A Generic REA Software Architecture based on Aspects and Declarations
6. Marcello Ceci. Rules for Value Modelling in Online Digital Distribution: the Video Game Industry
7. Bernhard Wally, Alexandra Mazak and Christian Huemer. Defining Business Rules for REA based on Aspects and Declarations
8. Sybren De Kinderen, Qin Ma and Henderik Proper. Model bundling: Towards a value-based componential approach for language engineering
9. Mirko Morandini, Alberto Siena and Angelo Susi. A Context-specific Definition of Risk for Enterprise-level Decision Making
10. Wout Hofman. A Business Transaction Agent architecture
12. Alexandra Mazak and Bernhard Wally. Pragmatic-based Ontology Design and Alignment
13. João Pombinho, David Aveiro and Jose Tribolet. Aligning e3Value and DEMO – Combining Business Modelling and Enterprise Engineering
14. Ana-Maria Tuță-Osman, Hans Weigand and Bambang Purnomosidi. User modeling for the Pragmatic Web – the case of e-recruitment
15. Mike Bennett. Adopting and Extending REA Terms in the Financial Industry Business Ontology: A Case Study
16. Shashishekar Ramakrishna and Adrian Paschke. Bridging the gap between Legal Practitioners and Knowledge Engineers using semi-formal KR
17. Hans Weigand, Paul Johannesson and Maria Bergholtz. Double Co-creation in Service Accounting

Short papers
1. Joris Hulstijn. Towards Assurance on Demand
2. Vera G. Meister and Malte Hahnenwald. Experiences in Information Mining from a Legacy CMS via D2RQ Mapping Based on Business Ontology
3. Ivars Blums. Aligning REA with UFO-S to facilitate AIS implementation
4. Hilmar Hauksson and Paul Johannesson. Metamodeling for Business Model Design - Facilitating development and communication of Business Model Canvas (BMC) models with an OMG standards-based metamodel

All accepted papers can be downloaded here.


VMBO 2014.  (Berlin, Germany)