Accepted Papers



Nick Bassiliades, Georg Gottlob, Fariba Sadri, Adrian Paschke, Dumitru Roman: Rule Technologies: Foundations, Tools, and Applications, LNCS Volume 9202 / 2015: 9th International Symposium, RuleML 2015, Berlin, Germany, August 2-5, 2015, Proceedings


RuleML 2015 Invited Papers

Michael Genesereth and Eric Kao. The Herbrand Manifesto: Thinking Inside the Box .
Thom Fruehwirth . Constraint Handling Rules - What Else?
Georg Gottlob, Giorgio Orsi and Andreas Pieris. Consistency Checking of Re-Engineered UML Class Diagrams via Datalog+/-.
Avigdor Gal. When Processes Rule Events.
Johannes Fuernkranz and Tomas Kliegr. A Brief Overview of Rule Learning
Alexander Artikis and Matthias Weidlich. Distribution and Uncertainty in Complex Event Recognition

RuleML 2015 Accepted Papers:

General RuleML Track
Szymon Bobek and Grzegorz J. NalepaCompact representation of conditional probability for rule-based mobile context-aware systems
Tarcisio M. Farias, Ana Roxin and Christophe Nicolle. FOWLA, a Federated Architecture for Ontologies
João Paulo Orlando, Mark A. Musen and Dilvan Moreira. User Extensible System to Identify Problems in OWL Ontologies and SWRL Rules
Doerthe Arndt, Ruben VerborghJos De Roo, Hong Sun, Erik Mannens and Rik Van de WalleSemantics of Notation3 Logic: A solution for implicit quantification
Tara Athan, Roy Bell, Elisa Kendall, Adrian Paschke and Davide Sottara. API4KP Metamodel: a Meta-API for Hybrid Knowledge Platforms
Sudhir AgarwalAbhijeet MohapatraMichael Genesereth and Harold BoleyRule-based Exploration of Structured Data in the Browser
Gen Zou and Harold BoleyPSOA2Prolog: Object-Relational Rule Interoperation and Implementation by Translation from PSOA RuleML to ISO Prolog
Pascual Julian-IranzoGines Moreno and Carlos Vázquez. Similarity-based Strict Equality into a Fuzzy Language using Similarities and Truth Degrees
Mario Fusco, Mark Proctor, Davide Sottara and István Ráth. Building a Hybrid Reactive Rule Engine for Relational and Graph reasoning


Complex Event Processing Track:
Megan Katsumi and Michael Gruninger. Using PSL to Extend and Evaluate Event Ontologies
Ahmad HasanKia Teymorian and Adrian PaschkeProbabilistic Event Pattern Discovery
Ana Sofia Gomes and Jose Julio AlferesHow to combine event stream reasoning with transactions for the Semantic Web


Existential Rules and Datalog+/- Track:
Mostafa Milani and Leopoldo BertossiOntology-Based Multidimensional Contexts with Applications to Quality Data Specification and Extraction
Thomas LukasiewiczMaria Vanina Martinez, Livia Predoiu and Gerardo Ignacio Simari. Existential rules and Bayesian Networks for Probabilistic Ontological Data Exchange
Mantas SimkusBinary Frontier-guarded ASP with Function Symbols
Jean-François Baget, Michel LeclèreMarie-Laure Mugnier, Swan Rocher and Clément Sipieter. Graal: A Toolkit for Query Answering with Existential Rules


Legal Rules and Reasoning Track:
Xin Sun. Input/Output STIT Logic for Normative System
Simon Steyskal and Axel PolleresTowards Formal Semantics for ODRL Policies
Reza Basseda and Tiantian Gao. Representing Flexible Role-Based Access Control Policies Using Defeasible Reasoning
Sagar SunkleDeepali Kholkar and Vinay KulkarniExplanation of Proofs of Regulatory (Non-)Compliance Using Semantic Vocabularies


Rule Learning Track:
Stefano Ferilli, Andrea Pazienza and Floriana EspositoRule Generalization Strategies in Incremental Learning of Disjunctive Concepts
Mikolaj Morzy and Agnieszka LawrynowiczUsing Substitutive Itemset Mining Framework for Finding Synonymous Properties in Linked Data
Christel Vrain and Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi. Learning Characteristic Rules in Geographic Information Systems


Industry Track:
Rafael Santodomingo, Mathias Uslar, Jose Antonio Rodríguez-Mondéjar, Miguel Angel Sanz-Bobi Rule-Based Data Transformations in Electricity Smart Grids
Ling Shi, Bjørg E. Pettersen, Ivar Østhassel, Nikolay Nikolov, Arash Khorramhonarnama, Arne.J. Berre and Dumitru Roman Norwegian State of Estate: A Reporting Service for the State-owned Properties in Norway
Dörthe Arndt, Ben De Meester, Pieter Bonte, Jeroen Schaballie, Jabran Bhatti, Wim Dereuddre, Ruben Verborgh, Femke Ongenae, Filip De Turck, Rik Van de Walle, Erik Mannens. Ontology Reasoning Using Rules in an eHealth Context
Benjamin Grosof, Janine Bloomfield, Paul Fodor, Michael Kifer, Isaac Grosof, Miguel Calejo and Terrance Swift. Automated Decision Support for Financial Regulatory/Policy Compliance, using Textual Rulelog
Mariano Navarro, Ramón Baiget, Jesús Estrada and Dumitru Roman. CAPAS: A Service for Improving the Assignments of Common Agriculture Policy Funds to Farmers and Land Owners
Armin Bauer, Niki Hoedoro and Adela Schneider Rule-based approach to text generation in natural language - Automated Text Markup Language (ATML3)


Doctoral Consortium:
Mostafa Milani:Multidimensional Ontologies for Contextual Quality Data Specification and Extraction.
Ludwig Ostermayer:Seamless Cooperation of Java and Prolog for Rule-Based Software Development
Julian R. Eichhoff and Dieter Roller: Genetic Programming for Design Grammar Rule Induction
Jonathan Mercier and David Vallenet:GROOLS: Reactive Graph Reasoning for Genome Annotation
Tuan Anh Pham and Nhan Le Thanh:  A Rule-Based Language for Integrating Business Process and Business Rules

Posters and Demos
Alexei MorozovAlexander Polupanov and Olga SushkovaAn Approach to the Intelligent Monitoring of Anomalous Human Behaviour Based on the Actor Prolog Object-Oriented Logic Language
Tara Athan, Harold Boley and Adrian PaschkeRuleML 1.02: Deliberation, Reaction and Consumer Families
Joao Moreira, Luís Ferreira Pires, Marten Van Sinderen and Patrícia Dockhorn Costa. Developing Situation-Aware Applications for Disaster Management with a Distributed Rule-Based platform
Dumitru Roman. DataGraft

RuleML 2015 Challenge:

Rule modeling, rule authoring, rule engines and applications monitored
Jean-François Baget, Alain Gutierrez, Michel Leclère, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Swan Rocher and Clément Sipieter. Datalog+, RuleML and OWL 2: Formats and Translations for Existential Rules
Stanislav Vojíř, Václav Zeman, Jaroslav Kuchař and Tomas Kliegr. EasyMiner/R: Web Interface for Rule Learning and Classification in R
Jakub Nowakowski, Czeslaw Jedrzejek and Jakub Dudkiewicz. Inferring on elements of crime based on an agent simulation of a street robbery
Stefania Costantini and Giovanni De Gasperis. Exchanging Data and Ontological Definitions in Multi-Agent-Contexts Systems
Alexei Morozov, Alexander Polupanov and Olga Sushkova. A Translator of Actor Prolog to Java
Gen Zou. Modeling Object-Relational Geolocation Knowledge in PSOA RuleML


Rule-based recommender systems for the web of data
Jaroslav Kuchař. Augmenting a Feature Set of Movies Using Linked Open Data
Marko Harasic, Pierre Ahrendt, Alexandru Todor and Adrian Paschke. Towards Time-Aware Semantic enriched Recommender Systems for movies
Marta Vomlelová, Michal Kopecky and Peter Vojtas. Transformation and aggregation preprocessing for top-k recommendation GAP rules induction


RuleML 2015 Tutorials:

Geoff Sutcliffe. The TPTP World - Infrastructure for Automated Reasoning
Harold Boley. PSOA RuleML: Integrated Object-Relational Data and Rules
Benjamin Grosof, Michael Kifer, Paul Fodor. Powerful Practical Semantic Rules in Rulelog: Fundamentals and Recent Progress
Tara Athan, Guido Governatori, Monica Palmirani, Adrian Paschke, Adam Wyner. Legal Norms Modelling with LegalRuleML (OASIS)