DEBS '12 Awards

Best Paper Award

From a Calculus to Execution Environment for Stream Processing
Robert Soulé, Martin Hirzel, Bugra Gedik and Robert Grimm


In this picture from left to right:
François Bry (General Chair), Martin Hirzel,  Patrick Eugster (Scientific Program Co-Chair) and Adrian Paschke (General Chair)

Best Demonstration Award

Context-Model Generation for Safe Autonomous Transport Vehicles
Christian Kuka, Sebastian Gerwinn, Sönke Eilers, Sören Schweigert and Daniela Nicklas


In this picture from left to right:  Peter M. Fischer (Poster and Demo Co-Chair) and  Christian Kuka

Best Poster Award

Event Processing in Sensor Networks: A Solution for Integrated Emergency Management
Alexander Braun, Paula Kroner, Yulia Leontyeva and David Siller


In this picture from left to right: Peter M. Fischer (Poster and Demo Co-Chair), Alexander Braun, and Yulia Leontyeva

Best DEBS Challenge Award - Public Voting

Solving Manufacturing Equipment Monitoring Through Efficient Complex Event Processing
Tilmann Rabl, Kaiwen Zhang, Mohammad Sadoghi, Navneet Kumar Pandey, Aakash Nigam, Chen Wang and Hans-Arno Jacobsen

Best DEBS Challenge Award

Homework automata for the DEBS 2012 Grand Challenge
Alexandros Koliousis and Joseph Sventek


In this picture from left to right:

Zbigniew Jerzak (Grand Challenge Co-Chair), Tilmann Rabl, Alexandros Koliousis and Nenad Stojanovic (Grand Challenge Co-Chair)